Web Design Process

At Inova Web Design, we want you to be successful online. That’s why we developed a website design process that takes your idea and turns it into a stunning, functional, secure, responsive website that will increase leads, customers, and revenue.

Process of Website Design

We have a web design process checklist that allows us to deliver powerful and robust websites using the latest technologies and frameworks.

Our creative team of designers, developers, content strategists, SEO experts, and marketing gurus work together to craft an intuitive website to help you reach your business goals.

We will work together with you to help you achieve online success and deliver the best user interfaces and experiences.

Web Design Process Checklist

  1. Quote request
  2. Project evaluation
  3. Formal proposal & agreement
  4. Planning, research & discovery
  5. Information architecture & wireframing
  6. Website design & development
  7. Review and testing
  8. Launch

1. Quote Request

The first step in the web design process is understanding your online business goals, specifications, and requirements. A great way to start is our online quote form

The more information you provide, the better. We want to learn as much as possible about your organization or business project details. Useful information includes:

  • The main goals for the website
  • Problems you are trying to solve
  • Website features you are looking for (Blog, e-commerce, etc)
  • Number of pages or products (for e-commerce only)
  • Are content and images being provided
  • A couple of websites you like

2. Project Evaluation

This is where we get a little better acquainted with each other. It can come from a face-to-face meeting, phone call, video conference call, or whatever works best for you.

Part of this step is to have a full understanding of your needs and requirements to get the final details about your project.

It also gives us a chance to explore if your project is a good fit and give you more personalized information about how we can help you reach your website goals.

By the time we finish our meeting, we’ll be able to start to put together a formal proposal and set a budget.

3. Formal Proposal & Agreement

This is the official proposal quote with all the project details and legal information. We will outline all the aspects of the web design process, website features, timeframe, itemized price quote, and an agreement.

The formal proposal should give you a sense of whether or not this will proceed. It includes an agreement and the work we will deliver based on the number of hours it will take, as that gives us a timeline and deadline to work with.

4. Planning, Research & Discovery

The foundation for the success of your website relies on proper planning, research, and discovery. Our creative team will meet to explore and learn about your business, goals, objectives, and requirements.

Tasks will be assigned independently to each team member. Each project consists of a team, including a graphic designer, web designer, UX/UI designer, web developer, content strategist, and SEO expert.

We learn about your brand, industry, target audience, competition, and customer base. We also explore and discover other essential aspects of your project, such as keyword research, content strategy, and design trends in your industry.

5. Information Architecture & Wireframing

At this step in the game, we will now have all the puzzle pieces in hand. Now we need to build that puzzle. In a way, the wireframes that outline the basic layout and components required for each page of your website is a blueprint.

We decide on the colors, fonts, graphics, and main layouts for your website’s different parts using wireframes. We provide you with a visual representation of how your website will look using proper web elements.

6. Website Design & Development

The design and development stage involves all the technical elements in the web design process: the front-end and back-end. Our team of designers, developers, and programmers work extensively to code a custom website from the ground up to be unique, mobile-responsive, secure, fast, and running on the latest software and frameworks available.

Custom features, including plugin development, theme development, custom programming, and special requirements, are implemented during the development process.

7. Review & Testing

After a lengthy design and development process, we test your website to ensure it displays correctly across all browsers (Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Firefox) and devices (desktops, tablets, and mobile phones).

We also run several tests for security and performance, ensuring your site is error-free, loads fast and provides the best user experience. Finally, you will get a chance to review and provide feedback before the last step, which is launch.

8. Launch

The final step is launching your website to the world wide web to help you achieve online success. This process involves transferring the site from our servers to your server and domain name.

After launch, we immediately ensure everything is loading correctly by running tests and performing special audits and reviews. After launch, we’ll be assisting you with professional and efficient customer support to handle any requests, updates, or changes for your website.