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A premier lawn, landscaping, snow, and irrigation company serving the Chicago Suburbs. Since 1999, Westfield has worked closely with residential and commercial clients to design, create, and maintain beautiful and functional outdoor living spaces.

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Mobile-first, User-focused

Steered towards mobile usability, we design the website for thumb-first interactions. The main navigation menu displays the four core services for easy accessibility and user experience.

The overall structure and layout adjusts for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices, ensuring the best user experience. Through research, we crafted a digital experience that displays beautifully across all screen sizes and devices.

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Coded For Performance

A fast and streamlined web experience

We streamlined every aspect of the development process to deliver a high-performance website with comprehensive optimizations to improve user experience and search engine rankings.



Performance grade


< 1.3s

Page load time


1.5 MB

Average page size

The most up to date frameworks and technologies were installed to provide a secure, fast, and modern website that complies with all major search engines.

Bootstrap 4 Grid


Google Fonts


Fontawesome 5.8

Icon Set

WordPress 5.2

PHP 7.3


Monthly Visitors

15.7%+ quote forms submitted


Consistent UX to facilitate interactions

Intuitive and consistent UI

Consistent user interface across all webpages to improve conversions.

  • Easy, simple quote form on every page
  • Google autocomplete address integration
  • Structured data markup implementation
  • Linked telephone number for click to call
  • Essential content information throughout layout
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City Based Optimized Pages

More City Pages, More Leads

We streamlined every aspect of the SEO optimization process to deliver a high-ranking website that generates more traffic, more leads, and more revenue.

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