Crafting a vision

Elegance USA is a cosmetics company that has developed a line of products that are as unique and innovative as they are high in quality. The parent company has extensive worldwide coverage in 30 different countries that have been serviced for over twenty years. Barbershops and salons have been using Elegance USA products exclusively since 2013 in order to enhance the in-store experience.


Performance Grade

Google and Pingdom performance grade of more than 90.


Monthly Visitors

Traffic of more than 27K organic monthly visitors.


12 month increased traffic

Increase traffic by 300% in the last 12 months from 7k/month to 22k/month.

Website features

Enhanced shopping experience

checkout autocomplete page

Easy path to purchase

Quick and secure checkout for an easy path to purchase delivers the best user interface both on mobile and desktop.

  • Shipping address autocomplete using the Google Maps API

  • Order summary sidebar for easy cart editing

  • One-page optimized checkout to improve conversions

  • Live shipping rates and coupon codes implementation

Learning consumer behavior to define interfaces

Through user behavior and research, we implemented easy category navigation, one-click Product Quickview, and review submission pop-up form to facilitate exploration and hassle-free checkout.


Monthly traffic growth

Conversion rates of 5.5%+

From the account page, you can easily navigate to your order history, account details, with easy to navigate tabs. The product pages display prices and options based on property size. The checkout page provides easy to follow steps with an autocomplete service address using Google maps. All this to provide the best user experience.

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