Advanced Solutions

Based in Chicago, Illinois, Advanced Solutions provides SAP applications to companies of all sizes to help them improve supply chain processes.

Their solutions improve productivity, increase efficiency, and provide real-time process management.

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Advanced solutions is a technology company that provides solutions in the supply chain industry with a focus on SAP technology. Its mission is to help companies improve productivity, increase efficiency, and transform the way warehousing and distributions systems operate.

Aiming to release a new SAP solution, Advanced approached us to develop a landing page to showcase and market their new and improved application.


Our approach was to deliver a fully responsive landing page that is easy to navigate and explore with a focus on conversions.

The landing page features a large hero image and content that quickly conveys the product solution message. The page design is rooted in vibrant visuals and informative content to showcase the application solutions, all merged in modular sections for easy product discovery.

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Built for conversions

Intuitive, user-friendly interfaces facilitates the path to conversion with strategically positioned click to action elements. The clean-slate landing page design features a clean, minimalistic approach with value proposition as the primary focus.

A streamlined layout architecture

The landing page relies on its own responsive framework and stylesheets to deliver strategic content that displays beautifully across all devices, no matter the screen size.

Intuitive and user-friendly design

The clean and minimalist design captures the visitor's attention, keeps the content easy to digest, and facilitates the way to conversions.

Crafted with value proposition in mind

We maximize the value proposition statement with clear and precise titles and images that highlight the main benefits and solutions the new application provides.

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