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Improve your local business online exposure, create brand awareness, generate more leads, outperform your competition, and get more customers with our local SEO services.

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Local SEO

You probably already know that a website exposes your business to a much larger audience. But what if you want to focus on customers in your community and the surrounding region? Well, with local SEO that can happen and bring you more local business than ever before.

What is local SEO?

Local SEO is the process of optimizing your website and online business listings across all digital platforms and directories to improve online search visibility in specific cities, towns, zip codes, or geographic areas.
Local search engine optimization is more important than you think, recent studies show that more than 70% of consumers searching online will visit a local store or business within 5 miles. Over 50% of service shoppers who use a mobile device call the provider directly from the search result pages in a recent Google study.

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Local web design and marketing local business display in a local search.

Benefits of Local SEO

What local SEO does, is that it will make your business jump out in geographically specific online searches. It will boost your visibility, increase the amount of organic traffic that flows to your website, bring your business a higher percentage of qualified leads and…it will give you an edge over your local competitors.

  • Appear in local searches even if you don’t have a physical location
  • Reduce marketing spending and increase organic visitors
  • Market specific products or services
  • Deliver specific, unique local content
  • Target specific cities or towns
  • Increase backlinks from local business directories
  • Increase leads with the “near me” search term
  • Customize user experience based on location
Google search result for a local company
Example of how to look for a local web design company in a targeted area.

When you use your smartphone to search for a phone number, local services, products or address of a local business, you’ll understand what it means to have robust local website optimization in place. The more optimized your website is, the more organic traffic, leads, and customers you will get.

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More than 95% of shoppers will turn to the internet to find services they require, and 82% of smartphone users are already doing that. With local SEO, those searchers in your area will be able to find your business quicker and easier.

How local SEO helps your business

Search engines are designed to provide users with results related to search inquiries. Local SEO will push your information in front of other similar businesses in those results producing a local option to the user. It speeds up the entire process by putting you and your company in front of users looking for the same type of business.

Search result for a local business.
Top search result for a local business.

Why You Need Local SEO Services

We have been helping small business owners to improve their local online presence by optimizing all their digital channels with the help of our expert team of designers, developers, SEO strategists, and marketers.

Let us craft the perfect Local SEO campaign for your small business and help you gain more leads, more clients, and more revenue.

Local consumers will see your business

It’s that simple. With 97% of online users seeking information about local businesses, and most of them not passing the first page of results, Local SEO gets your business on that first page. It increases your page ranking, which makes your business easier to find.

Local visitors will increase your numbers

Web traffic, leads, and conversions will all increase on the local level thanks to local SEO. The best thing for your local business is traffic from people who live where you do business — local SEO targets these users to help you build your customer base.

Better results through targeting local areas

Targeting specific areas allows personalization that can produce better results. That’s because your message can be specifically tailored to reach a particular demographic in a geographically targeted area which brings results.

Gain more exposure compared to your competition

Less than half of all small businesses are using local SEO. Take advantage of this trend and win over your competition by implementing the best local SEO techniques.

Take the lead in your community and gain more business from your competitors with one of our different affordable packages. Your business website will appear in several online sources giving you more exposure and helping your domain name get more authority.
When you hire us to perform local SEO for your business, you will receive expert advice from our team of web developers, SEO, and marketing experts.

We help small businesses across the US to improve their local online visibility through progressive research and methodologies that comply with all major search engines. We also offer national SEO services for those who target the entire country and want to improve their search rankings nationally.

Increase brand awareness, conversions, revenue, and local clients from an agency with proven SEO methodologies, and best industry techniques. See below how we can help your company or organization to generate more leads, more customers, and more revenue in your local markets.

Importance of Local SEO

Local SEO contributes to the growth and success of your business by:

  • Increasing the search engine ranking of your website
  • Producing higher conversion rates compared to other methods
  • Helping mobile users locate you regardless of how they searched for you online
  • Assisting it to be found on navigational apps including Google Maps
  • Improving domain authority thanks to backlinks
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How to Determine If You Need Local SEO Services

If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of the questions listed below, your business can benefit from hiring a local SEO company.

  • Your business is a local company
  • Your company services specific local areas
  • Your business is a franchise
  • Your business needs more traffic, leads, and conversions from the local market
  • Your business is not already appearing in online directories
  • Your business does not currently show on Google Maps or other navigational apps
  • Your company has more than one office or location within the region

What Our Local SEO Services Include

 So you’ve decided your business could use the boost that comes from local SEO. Well, to help you better understand our commitment to increasing your business, this is a breakdown of what our local SEO services include.

Local Competitor Analysis

We will research your competition and target market with an in-depth market analysis of the leading service areas you want to dominate. The SEO analysis will include the location of your main competition, domain authority, terms, and keywords for what they rank high on top results.

Competitive analysis illustration
local directory list

Online Directory and Citation Building

Directory and citation building is the process of adding your business website to online directories like Yellow Pages, Angie’sList, SuperPages, Yelp, DexKnows, CitySearch, and HomeAdvisor, to name a few. This process involves and requires an audit of all existing citations in all online directories related to your company, business, or organization.

We will edit and correct outdated information in all existing online directories. Our discovery process will create a list of new local citation opportunities to not only create domain authority but to increased leads and brand exposure.

Content Publication

Terms and keyword research will provide the foundation on how similar businesses are being found online. We will write and optimize locally-targeted content to increase organic search engine results positions. Articles, How-To’s, News, Portofolio pages, or custom post types related to your organization will be optimized to help local searchers find your products or services.

Structured Data Optimization

Structured data will de be added to the product or service pages to target specific cities or towns within your service area. We will use all Schemas related to your business. For a completed list of schemas, please visit the Schema.org library for local bussiness.

Image optimization

All images will be optimized for performance and rankings using keywords and terms related to your service areas. Image optimization includes: Image size reduction, alt, title, caption, and description tag optimization.

Content optimization

Optimization of content includes proper distribution of heading tags (h1, h2, h3, etc) and paragraphs. Researched keywords and terms will be stratetegically distributed to provide the best user experience and make it easy for search engine crawlers to understand the contents of the web pages.

Google My Business Data Optimization

We will optimize, edit, or update your Google Maps listing with all the relevant information, photos, and links. If you don’t have a Google My Business listing, we will create one for you.

We will optimize your business listing using relevant keywords, terms, and phrases that are unique to your business. Our expert SEO team will add categories that represent your company to generate more local leads, and help you win more customers over your competition.

Google business listing

Internal and External Link Building

Improve domain authority and drive more traffic to your website with optimized link building campaigns. Our techniques for link building help your domain name and webpages to rank higher on search engine results.
Local SEO Campaign Tracking
Weekly and monthly organic positions are tracked via Google Analytics to track improvements. New or updated URL’s will be submitted for faster search engine indexing.
Our expert marketing team will track your conversion rate, click-through rate, bounce rate, and all major data metrics to make changes to what we see is happening.

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