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We help your business rank on top of search results organically to provide long term results with the help of local web developers and SEO experts.

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Chicago SEO Agency

Improve your online presence with the help of our professional SEO services in Chicago and start gaining more customers and revenue without breaking your bank.

Our affordable search engine optimization services will generate organic traffic for your Chicago based company or organization. Inova is a Chicago based SEO agency with deep knowledge in best SEO practices, e-commerce, web design, and web development.

Our experienced SEO experts and professional marketers in Chicago will optimize your code, content, and server to make it readily available to search engines.

Successful SEO campaigns that generate results

But do not just take our word for it, check our case studies and learn why we are a top-rated agency.

Our website ranks first page for the services we provide within our working area. Lead generation increased tremendously.

Organic website traffic has increased amazingly in less than six months. They have in-depth knowledge of SEO best practices.

We rank #1 for lawn care related terms within our service area. They did a beautiful design with the best UX/UI.


Search Engine Optimization Services

We provide professional quantifiable, measurable and dependable SEO and marketing results for businesses across the United States and around the world. We deliver reliable and stable rankings with our deep technical and logical SEO procedures and marketing tools to help you achieve a successful online presence.


Off-site SEO

We ensure to have links from reputable websites and sources pointing back to your site to improve domain authority.

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On-site SEO

Internal linking, robots.txt, sitemaps, content, image, meta tags, title tags, alt text, anchor text, and link URL optimization.

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eCommerce SEO

Product optimization, online stores SEO, Amazon Vendor, Google Merchant Center, Seller Central.

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Local SEO

Google, Bing, and Yahoo business listing, backlinks, local directories, SEO city pages.

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Pay Per Click

PPC campaigns using Google Adwords, Bing Advertising, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn Ads.

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Structured Data

Schema markup to improve user experience and organic results. We implement all types of

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Content Writing

Article writing, blog posts, page updates, infographics, SEO city pages, web pages, and informative pages.

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Keyword Research

We research your market’s keyword demand and volume with the help of data analytic tools.

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Chicago Marketing Experts

Our Chicago SEO experts and marketing consultants will make sure your website ranks high on search engines and you get the most value for your SEO efforts and marketing campaigns. Inova is a Chicago best-rated SEO firm that guarantees results in the less amount of time.

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With Inova, you get high-level services of SEO, SEM, PPC, copywriting services, SEO consulting, marketing, brand awareness, link building campaigns, Chicago keyword analysis, Chicago keyword research, sitemaps, directory submissions, Google analytics set up, and Google merchant center optimization.

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Chicago Local SEO Services

Small business owners rely on local SEO services to improve their online visibility in the cities or towns they service. Local website optimization is a crucial part of your marketing efforts to be found in the nearby areas from your brick and mortar store or office.

If you want more Chicago local business, then local SEO and marketing services is what you need. We are experts in local search engine optimization, and our local SEO agency in Chicago knows how to cover all geographical areas based on your target market and location.

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National SEO Services

We offer national SEO services to help you reach customers at the national level and increase sales. With National SEO, you will be able to reach a massive audience across the country and increase organic traffic, domain authority, leads, sales, and revenue.

We work with online stores, e-commerce websites, and companies that serve customers nationally. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business dominate the search engine result pages.

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A Chicago SEO company

We are a full-service SEO and marketing agency helping hundreds of companies in the Chicago area to optimize and improve their Internet visibility. As a top-rated SEO agency in Chicago, we only hire the best marketers, developers, SEO experts, and designers to provide our Chicago customers with the best tools and frameworks to succeed in the digital world.

Our skilled and knowledgeable team of freelance Chicago based local SEO experts will utilize white hat SEO techniques to optimize your entire website.

Our services range from hosting account set up, server configuration, and optimization to meta tags and content optimization. Take a look at all of our Chicago based SEO services we offer:

WordPress SEO Services

This service is perfect for companies using and updating their website using one of the most used content management systems on the planet – WordPress. Our services include optimizing your main settings like permalinks, site title, site description, media gallery, and setting up SEO plugins like Yoast and making sure it is fully optimized.

Local City Pages 

Improve local traffic and generate more revenue from customers in the Chicagoland area with local city pages –  a powerful SEO technique. Local city pages is a great way to increase leads in the towns or cities that are in your service area with no physical address.

Local city page search results

Image Optimization Services

Your entire gallery will optimize for better performance and better image search rankings. We optimize pictures, images, and graphics with proper naming and image metadata. Our image compression techniques will make sure your images will load fast and will rank high on search image results.

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Image optimization includes alt tag optimization, especially targeting the city of Chicago or any other service areas you cover. Our expert keyword research will provide the foundation to successfully increase your website rankings for the most important terms and phrases related to your business.

Internal Link Building

Internal link building is the process of inter-linking your webpages, blog post, custom post types, categories, and all links on your website so that they not only provide great user experience but also provide a better structure of your website which translates to better rankings. By providing links to your Chicago visitors, you make it easy for them to move around easily without too much effort. Google and all major search engines love well-structured websites. When you provide great user experience, you increase your chances of appearing on top of search results not only in Chicago but globally.

Link Building Campaigns

Link building takes time, but if done correctly, it will increase your Chicago SERP. As a full SEO and marketing agency, we have established relationships with the top-rated blog and news websites, which make it easy for us to exchange links. We also help you create social media profiles and industry-related profiles to generate organic traffic from these channels. Link structure is measured from high quality, top-ranking websites globally and in the Chicago area as well.

We will link your website to the highest domain authorities in the world to help you capitalize on this SEO technique that promotes better rankings for your website.

Chicago Content Copywriting Services

Our freelance Chicago based copywriters have been working with businesses and organizations globally since the beginning of the Internet. Our deep knowledge of best SEO content optimization has improved the search engine rankings for several companies in the Chicagoland area. We analyze and study your main competition and perform a full report based on important keywords and terms used in the Chicago area. Our content density is analyzed and optimized to provide the best white hat SEO results.

On Page SEO

We provide on-page optimization in Chicago, IL for small businesses, corporations, companies, and agencies. Our custom on-page web page optimization includes title tag optimization,  meta description optimization, speed performance, image optimization, keyword density, content structure, link quantity, internal linking, external linking, image alt tag, anchor text, and we still even use meta keywords, just in case. Yes, we go all the way, to help you beat your competition and gain more leads, more calls, more emails, and more customers.

Chicago Site Audit – SEO Consultant Services

Our Chicago based SEO experts, Developers, graphic designers, and marketers work as a team to evaluate and audit every webpage on your site, utilizing the best tools and technologies. We will find and fix on-page errors most efficiently by implementing the best SEO, code, and marketing techniques. Our technical SEO audit approach in Chicago will be extensive and in-depth to fix all SEO errors that are blocking your SEO success.

As a full SEO firm, Inova prides in providing clean, reusable, and well-optimized code to deliver the best digital structures to generate more revenue and help you grow your business.

Competitor Analysis

A crucial part of your marketing plan should include a competitor analysis to help you evaluate and measure your business against similar companies in the Chicagoland area. Competitor analysis includes SERP rankings, link structure, backlinks, quality of links, content analysis, technical analysis, keyword density, content structure, domain authority, code structure, and search engine ranking.

Structured Data –

One of the best ways to dramatically improve local SEO is by optimizing your code and implementing what we call a hidden gem in the SEO game – Schema Structured Data. If implemented correctly, structured data not only provide great user experience as the data is displayed in search results (events, movies, restaurants, etc.), but it will definitely increase your search engine rankings and help you improve conversions.

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Marketing Services in Chicago

Inova optimizes websites using white hat and organic techniques validated by all major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Our Chicago SEO marketing services deliver page one ranking guaranteed on all major search engines at affordable rates.

Our fantastic team will work hard optimizing your website code and content to increase rankings on search results. Join the hundreds of businesses and organizations in Chicago working hard every day with their best SEO game to conquer the internet and gain more customers.

Results are never an accident

Our agency rankings are the results of hard work, experience, knowledge, and commitment from our talented team of web designers, web developers, marketers, and SEO experts.

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Pay Per Click Campaigns (PPC)

Increase leads and win more customers with our PPC and advertising campaigns in Chicago, IL. PPC campaigns are an alternative to organic SEO and Ads, if they are strategically and well planned, they can generate immediate results with low cost and the most return on investment.

Google Adwords Campaigns

If what you are looking for is instant leads, then Google Ads is one of the most convenient ways of getting clicks to your site immediately. We strategically plan the best Google Adwords campaigns to help you get more clicks, calls, or emails to your landing pages with improved CTR. Communicate effectively with your target audience by implementing PPC campaigns that work 24/7.

Google Smart Campaigns

We plan, optimize, and execute high converting Google smart campaigns to help your small business in Chicago get the most out of your Google Adwords Spending. Our Google Adwords expert team will guide you about the process of getting more leads, more calls, more website visitors, and more revenue with a well-implemented PPC campaign.

Google My Business – GMB Optimization Services

Get the most out of your Google My Business platform with our GMB optimization services and start capitalizing from organic leads generated by this fantastic tool. We help you optimize your Chicago based Google business listing to rank for the products, services, and most relevant keywords for your business or organization.

Business Listing Optimization

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Your Google business listing is excellent to improve local searches and links back to your website. You can reply and edit reviews, post news, articles, images, and special offers to attract more visitors and increase revenue.

We help you enhanced your Chicago business listing to make it more appealing and generate more traffic to your website.

Local Google My Business Profile

Start capitalizing from organic leads generated by your company’s Google Business Listing. We help you optimize your Chicago based Google business listing to rank for the products, services, and most relevant keywords for your business or organization.

Google Merchant Center

If you are selling products online, then you know how hard is to keep up with Google Merchant Guidelines. As a full marketing and consulting SEO firm, we help eCommerce merchants to optimize their products across all channels utilizing the best product optimization techniques. From submitting your monthly product review XML file to fixing product issues in your Google Merchant Account, we have you covered.

Google Conversion Tracking

We help to improve conversions on your website by tracking visitor activity, such as clicks, sign-ups, click to call, and contact form submissions with the implementation of a conversion tracking tag. We improve your Chicago website content on what we see is happening with your marketing campaigns and visitor behavior.

Google Tag Management

Google Tag Manager is a great way to track your Chicago website visitors and increase conversions. Understand user behavior with a proper Google Tag implementation and start saving money on your Chicago advertising campaigns and make more informed decisions for your organic SEO efforts.

Social Media Advertising

With the increase in mobile usage, social media activity and time spent on mobile devices, there’s no better time to start capitalizing on this growing trend. As one of the best Social Media Advertising and Ad management company in the Chicago area, we pride ourselves in providing the best returns for our clients across the US. Our experience and constant training keep us on top of the list as one of the best marketing agencies in the Chicago area.

Facebook Ads

Many small businesses in the Chicago area are struggling to adapt to the ongoing transition from printed marketing to digital marketing. Since many organizations, businesses, and corporations must now become digital leaders in their field, they need to explore new opportunities.

Facebook Ads offers a flexible, affordable, robust, and easy way to advertise to your customer base based on different aspects like location, income, interest, language, and many more. Let us set up your Facebook campaigns with proper market research.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram, now owned by Facebook, is another popular, affordable marketing social media advertising platform capable of delivering the results your company may need. With millions of daily users, Instagram offers different ways to achieve the success of your marketing efforts by providing ads for stories, photos, videos, and carousels.

Let us create and optimize your Instagram advertising campaigns to help you gain more leads, customers, and revenue.

Youtube Ads

Video advertising campaigns are a great way to reach potential targeted customers. Our video advertising ads will be optimized to generate the most revenue at the lower cost possible.

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest is a great way to advertise your products to people as they search and discover pins everyday. As a visual platform, Pinterest is mostly used to get inspiration on ideas related to many industries like landscapes, garden, basement, room, home, beauty, and many more. We will help you get your content and product to the millions of daily Pinterest users.

LinkedIn Ads Management

We help you advertise on LinkedIn to generate leads, drive more website traffic, and build your brand with the most effective and optimized ads. Our expertise working with professional business has provided the foundation needed to successfully launch powerful Ad campaigns that improve your entire business ecosystem.

 Small Business Chicago SEO Service  

We offer search engine optimization services for brick and mortar businesses, restaurants, construction companies SEO, law firm agencies, lawn care companies SEO , lawn maintenance companies SEO, health care providers, landscaping companies, home cleaning services, childcare services, accountants, painters, bakeries, barbers websites SEO, photographers, hairstylist, pool services, online stores, plumbers, and all type of small businesses in the Chicago area and suburbs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is SEO still important?

SEO is still one of the most effective ways to drive organic traffic to your webpages. Search engine optimization can help you target the right audiences in Chicago and worldwide and drive more traffic to your site.

How long does SEO take to start working?

SEO can take between 2 – 6 months, depending on the state of your domain name and structure of your website. While a well-stablished site can see improvements in just weeks, a newly created website can take months for it to see organic results improvements.

Do you guarantee your SEO services?

We guarantee to use the most updated SEO techniques approved by all major search engines and implement all the strategies outlined in our plan and adjust it if we see changes. We guarantee that we will work hard to deliver positive results to help you achieve your goals. Make sure to check Google’s official statement and recommendations when hiring an SEO agency for more information.

Why choose Inova as our SEO provider in Chicago?

We have the experience and expertise in working with Chicago clients, we understand the market and keep our team learning the latest trends, techniques, and ranking algorithms to provide the best SEO results possible. Our SEO strategies are simple yet powerful – We research, apply, measure, and if needed, adjust.

Do you offer local SEO services for small business?

Of course, we do. One of our core services is local SEO with small business specialization. We are an expert SEO firm with the knowledge and experience in local search engine optimization.

Do you offer SEO for websites you did not built?

Of course, we do. We are a Chicago based full service creative digital agency with expert SEO consultants and experts that work together with our designers, developers, and programmers to create robust marketing strategies for all types of websites and frameworks.

We are a top-rated SEO agency working with companies and organizations of all sizes and market industries.

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